Used SUVs for Sale in Warwick, NY

It's Easy to Find a Used SUV You'll Love

You're not going to believe how simple it is to find a used SUV that you can enjoy for years to come when you come to Leo Kaytes Ford in Warwick. But you'll also get to see all of your favorite options by talking to qualified sales associates who are here to help you when you aren't sure what you want because you don't know what's available. You'll also get to appreciate all of the amazing financial benefits that come with buying a used SUV from our dealership near Vernon Township.

Types of Used SUVs and Their Benefits

The SUV market has exploded with options over the last couple of decades because this style of vehicle is so versatile. When you get a used SUV, you can get a small one if you want to have the extra ground clearance and the ability to see because of the higher seating. But if you want to maximize your towing capacity and get plenty of seating, you should check out the large SUVs on our lot near Monroe.

Available Used SUV Brands

Ford drivers are brand loyalists. Because of this, many of our Ford customers visit us time and time again for their new vehicles. This loyalty benefits you because Ford lease returns and trade-ins make amazing used vehicles. Many of these models are only a few years old and don't have many miles on the odometer. Some of the used Ford SUVs you may find in stock include:

  • Ford EcoSport - The Ford EcoSport is a small, efficient SUV ideal for navigating city streets.
  • Ford Edge - The Ford Edge is stylish and includes seating for 5 passengers.
  • Ford Escape - The Ford Escape was recently redesigned, so if you're looking for the classic aesthetic of the older models, you'll want to find a pre-owned model.
  • Ford Explorer - The Ford Explorer offers a sleek, yet rugged design. With seating for seven passengers and ample cargo room, the Explorer is the perfect family SUV.
  • Ford Expedition - The Ford Expedition is the largest Ford SUV available. You can load up a used Expedition for your next adventure and accommodate eight passengers plus everyone's luggage.

If you're unsure which used Ford SUV is ideal for your lifestyle, our brand experts can help you make that determination and arrange test drives.

In addition to Ford, we also offer a variety of other brands in our used SUV inventory. You will often find models from some of today's top manufacturers like Honda, Jeep, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota available. Our used SUV inventory page is constantly updating, so we encourage you to reach out if a model catches your eye.

Shop for a Used SUV to Save Big

Getting your budget under control should be at the top of your to-do list if you're saving up for a vacation or need to cut costs to make your month-to-month finances more manageable. When you come to our dealership and get a used SUV, you could save thousands on the purchase compared to what you would pay for the brand new version of the same vehicle. You'll also like that you're going to cut off a lot of the sales taxes, interest for the loan, and even the insurance rates.

Visit Our Lot Near Goshen Today

If you're trying to find a great deal on a used car or SUV and want to be able to see your vehicle up close before you buy, visit our dealership near West Milford now. You'll also appreciate that you can talk to our sales associates and go for a test drive around Vernon Township.